Used 737 mcp

22.02.2021 By Fektilar

The descent point is past OMN. My MCP is also set to It won't let me reengage. I thought the "reset" message only comes on to remind you to reset if a descent is coming up upon reaching the next waypoint, and the MCP window doesn't have a lower altitude entered.

I made sure each leg in the legs page does not have a lower altitude set for several more fixes. What am I missing??? Its telling you that you need to reset your altitude to the correct value for the upcoming descent. Sounds like you have hard set altitudes in the legs page and the VNAV wants to try and get them but because you have a higher or lower altitude set it cant do it so disconnects. A disconnect. What is your cruising alt set to?

What modes are displayed on the PFD? As above, what hard altitudes are selected on your FMC? David "jumbojock" Robertson. I am building a home cockpit and unless I have the FMC continually open and watch the scratchpad I do not know when a message appears.

Sorry again I hope this doesn't divert any attention from your questionBill. If so, and if you have everything set as described in the tutorial you should not be getting that message.

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My guess is, like others have said, that you have a cruise altitude other than ft set one the perf init page of the FMC. Thanks for the help, guys. Dave, you are right - I am following TM's tutorial 4. I reflew it and my Perf Init. By the way, is the speed in the upper right corner of the hold page for just the hold or the other legs as well?

When I changed this to it also changed speeds for other waypoints on the legs page. I don't remember having any trouble with that flight but I'll try it again, been meaning to anyway. I'll see if I have any trouble this time. Hi Dave, Just flew the whole lesson again and this time it went beautifully. I made one change though, and it seemed to do the trick. In the tutorial, after Tim gives the go ahead to do some sithtseeing off of Cape Canaveral, I immediately set up the hold even though it was a good miles away and before BLUFI.

This time, no reset warnings at all. VNAV stays on all the way through the hold. Seems that when I change the speed at the hold tothe FMC changes all the other legs speeds as well including those past the hold. I would then change it back to since I didn't want to go up the coast at only knots. I think it also altered the descent profile from if I remember correctly.

This must be why it wanted me to reset and start down. I guess you shouldn't set up the hold too soon before entering it?

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Making a MCP (English).

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used 737 mcp

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used 737 mcp

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CTRL Loading flight controls version with no visual system. Passive feedback flight controls version with full visual system.This item took a few days to ship after ordering as they were waiting on a back cover for the EFIS ordered with the MCP to come back from powder coating.

It was shipped via UPS and arrived 6 days later. However, since I was not home to pay the U. Custom charges, it took another day to receive. A little known time-saver is to call the UPS Billing Center at after the package clears customs check your package tracking to determine when it is released from Customs. Within an hour or so, they notify the driver and clear the package for delivery. The exterior shipping box did exhibit some minor evidence of a rough trip, but the major components within were not damaged.

The desktop bracket arrived in a separate box, but at the same time. One of the CMD button labels fell off during shipment and was found loose in the box. Also, the LNAV button label was starting to loosen. They are normally glued to the MCP buttons, but as the box sat in the back of a UPS delivery truck for over a day in F Arizona heat, it was not a surprise to see this.

I was able to press the labels back into place and have had no issues with them since. A little dab of plastic-safe clear glue could also be used if the issue resurfaces. Overall, I am satisfied with the packaging CPFlight used to protect the item in transit as shipping anything overseas is not a delicate experience for anyone.

Device drivers are not included and must be downloaded from CPFlight. The manual was in English, simple and easy to follow, and included graphical depictions of the device and usage.

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It references the CPFlight website for drivers and current compatibility. Panel dimensions mm x 73mm x 33mm and a template for cutting a custom hole for mounting are included. You may note that this is a little smaller than a real Boeing MCP, which is mm x 75 mm.

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The MCP is completely assembled out of the box. The optional desktop bracket included a set of stick-on rubber feet and four 4 black Phillips-head crosshead screws for mounting the MCP. The MCP fit perfectly into the bracket. It does not come with adapters for other countries such as the Type A plug we use here in the US. I bought a universal power strip on Amazon to connect it.

It appears any 6V DC mA power supply can be used as long as the barrel plug connector for the MCP has the correct polarity and size.

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The MCP manual describes these changes, if needed. Then, when you enter a compatible aircraft, you need to start the MCP software manually. Make sure you only have one copy running at a time! Perhaps, it should be integrated into an on-screen menu within FSX.

Even if you select the wrong port, it will re-focus FSX. This can be troubling if you do not choose the correct port, so be sure it is correct the first time. This is a Windows thing, not the hardware. This is great as it automatically starts the MCP during each flight, however, in my case, it does not re-focus back to FSX automatically.

used 737 mcp

Additional pins allow external control of the MCP backlighting. I do not have an external backlight control as of yet, so I used the built in dimmer controls described in the manual to set my brightness levels.

I will revisit this review ifhen I implement external dimming. Here, you can change the backlight control, backlight dimming control, fast increment on the rotaries, and battery status options.If you move the mouse over the picture you will see the MCP iluminated from the rear Backlight. Enlarged image. Enlarged image backlighted. The finished MCP that I have built. The same as the previous, moving the mouse over the image, you will see it backlighted. To begin we will make ourselves later on the Mask that will serve me as guide to locate the components in the initial position, I will have to go adapting this mask to the final disposition because the size of the components is not similar to the real one.

If you want, you can dowload my mask in Corel Draw or JPG formatdirectly making a click on the image. This mask already has the final color, although if you are interested, you can be changed it easily. To begin, we will make the first storing of materials, in the image they are appreciated most of the components.

We will order it an entire little bit We have the rotary switch of 12 positions with their revolvable control, toggle switches, displays, leds, printed circuit, bulbs for the backlight, resistances, thickness, acrylic, wires, And with all this, For where we begin? We will print the mask in vegetable paper and we put it on the circuit card to begin to locate the components and to make us an idea of the space that we have.

The circuit card that I used has some measures of mm x mm 4"x 6"for what I have used three cards that joinedthey will give me a measure for the MCP of mm of heigh 4" for mm of lenght Later I have drilled the circuit card where they will go located the rotary switchs. These circuits cards are standard and they already have drilled the holes to also put the components with some standard measures.

After deciding the location in a more precise way, I have drawn the position of all the components and joined the three circuits cards with some metallic plates. The next step, I will begin to also drill the acrylic on which I will put the mask. At the moment alone I make the holes for the switches, rotary switches and fixation screws that will attach the circuit card and the acrylic using some thickness.

used 737 mcp

It is important to be made with a vertical support to make the drills, since it is necessary to try to be the most precise possible. Let us prove to see that such they go coinciding the holes with the future location of the components.Providing sim parts for sale on behalf of the community.

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Airbus rudder pedal covers Product no. Product no. Airbus Radio Module Product no.I am upgrading my ten year old PFC hardware. Will be buying a new yoke from PFC and the throttle quadrant from Jetmax. Still looking for a good MCP and possibly a radio stack. I am wanting to buy MCP hardware for use in fsx. I am looking at either the one from Jetmax www. Primary use will be with the pmdg NGX and Anyone have either of these and have it working with PMDG aircraft?

What is your recommendation? Ideally a USB plug and play with setup through fsuipc will be fine. Rather not have to depend on third party drivers other than fsuipc of course. Eric Fisher. I can truly recommend CPflight.


I have the Goflight mcp and it had been rock solid in terms of its physical durability. CP flight and fly engravity makes a very nice but expensive models. I am not sure about the drivers though. As far as the Goflight hardware is concerned it interfaces perfectly with software available in the avsim library at the moment I forget the name just key word NGX Goflight and it will come up. It works flawlessly with the NGX. I have only ever had it freeze once. Sometimes it will not recognize the airplane for some reason after a saved situation.

Switching between the and the and back again sometimes solves the issue. I am not sure if it will be functional with the I think the developer would be better at answering that. The mcp also works with the but requires a very expensive driver from FSLabs. It works well but has often frozen under high input situations. I have tried using fsuipc to get it working with minimal success. I just stick with the drivers for ease of use.